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Shkollë fillore

Që ga fillimi i vitit akademik 2013/14, Loyola-Gymnasium, që fillon me klasën e gjashtë, drejton gjithashtu Loyola-Fillore, një shkollë fillore. Me themelimin e një shkolle fillore, u përgjigjëm dëshirave të shpeshta të prindërve. Në tri klase paralele, me rreth 26 nxënës në çdo klasë, mësimet mbahen në mëngjes nga e hëna deri të premten, nga ora 8:00 deri në 12:25, me përjashtim të të enjtes që zgjat deri në ora 13:15. Ky orar ndjek programin e shkollave fillore të vendit, sipas udhëzimeve të Ministrisë së Arsimit, Shkencës dhe Teknologjisë.

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Director's Welcome

Life in the school, for a school with life!

Striving for a school life that is not limited to the importance of the building, but to the life and work within its walls, is a great mission and our task at Loyola-Primary School.

The term "school" imprints the idea of a large building with wide and long hallways, lined up classrooms, offices, students and parents coming in and out every day, creating a dynamic life inside.

I ask myself: what does school mean? How do we experience our school? What model of school would we like to have today! Does the school meet the needs of our time?

Of course, the school must be large, beautiful, structured and well-equipped according to the needs of the students, but above all, the school should be a warm, student-friendly environment that promotes learning, the development of imagination and creativity, where the culture of knowledge, love of life and discovery of the world in which we live is cultivated, to which we ourselves belong.

Who represents the school?

All school personnel have a high value within our school. The well-being of the school also depends on the skills and commitment of school leadership.

Teachers occupy an important place in the lives of students. Being a teacher is a mission that is not limited to professional skills and accomplishments. A teacher must feel the joy of teaching, love his work, have boundless patience with children, because his work does not bring immediate fruit that remains forever. When the child loves to read, learns without getting tired, comes to school without fear, then we can say that we as teachers have fulfilled our mission. When the students grow up and travel back in time with memories from school, they will be grateful for the successes.

The school is in service to the students. The value of a school is measured by the students' accomplishments during their time in school and by their contributions to society.

I wish the students of Loyola-Primary School to love school, to feel free when they cross the threshold, to feel safe and warm as if they were at home.

Learning with love, without fear, without prejudice or judgment brings success. School is not only mechanically reproductive, but stimulating, enriching, and contributing to civilization and society.

Learning must go through human relationships. Children are human beings, not numbers, not adjectives, not anonymous faces, but special people with different inclinations who should be respected and encouraged in their development.

M. Lindita Spaqi


How the school works

A positive atmosphere prevails in the school, the teachers work with a lot of dedication; whether in educational work, teaching, and ongoing child care. They support each other at work, are united and there is no division between them. Also the cooperation with parents is very good, there is a professional communication and respectful relationship between parents and teachers.
In addition to daily work with students; The school also holds frequent, individual meetings, classes and all staff. These meetings are occasional as needed. Meetings are organized by the school principal.
In addition to these meetings, pedagogical conferences for student assessment are held four times a year, where academic achievement, behavior, classroom atmosphere, etc. are assessed.
Also, meetings with parents are held two or three times a year, they are group meetings. While teachers have a weekly schedule of consultations with parents, which are individual meetings.
The school calendar also has dates planned for extracurricular activities; it includes national holidays, traditional holidays, entertainment, visits, walks, etc.

The teaching at our school is based on the official Kosovar public school curriculum. This is to achieve the necessary results, competences and knowledge in the relevant subjects.

Special attention is given to the arts and foreign languages at Loyola-Primary School. This is done with a wider range of hours than the curriculum provides; English is taught from the first grade, German from the third grade. Our children also start musically at an early age.

Computer science is also offered as an elective subject with all modern requirements.

Every Thursday, all classes have a tutoring session with selected topics to promote empathy and other social skills.

All teachers are qualified in the respective elementary school discipline, committed and motivated in their pedagogical work.

To support working parents and at their request, our school also offers after-school care, which includes lunch options, homework help, and recreational activities.


Outside the curriculum, but within the school, there is also the music school "Loyola", where children can voluntarily attend courses according to their musical inclinations and talents.

An important part of the educational process at our school are extracurricular activities such as:

- Sports - various competitions;

- Culture - cinemas, visits to museums and historical sites;

- Field trips for educational purposes;

- Awareness projects - on the environment, nature and humanity.


Classes are held daily from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 12:30, except Thursdays from 8:00 to 13:15.

The afternoon program runs from the end of regular classes until 16:00.

The school performs its function in two facilities with well-equipped classrooms. There are 15 classrooms in total, a well-stocked library with children's literature, a computer room with enough computers, a science room, a gym and a large green courtyard.

An important part of the organization of work in the school are also teachers' meetings and parents' meetings.

In addition to occasional meetings of teachers for consultation, professional cooperation and organizations, pedagogical meetings are held three times a year to evaluate students' performance in emotional, social and knowledge aspects.

Parents have ongoing access to the school, with opportunities for regular one-on-one meetings with teachers and scheduled group meetings. These take place at least three times a year.

Story of Loyola-Primary

The idea for an elementary school in the city of Prizren was born many years ago based on the needs of the time and on the request of many parents who brought their children to the kindergarten "Nëna Kabrini" in Prizren. This kindergarten has been in operation since 2002 and is run by religious sisters ("Congregazione delle Suore Angeliche di San Paolo"). As the parents were satisfied with the schooling and education of their children, they expressed the wish to continue the system and asked for an elementary school.

In addition to the kindergarten, the classical Loyola High School was opened...


The school is now attended by approximately 400 students from grades 1-5, who come from the city of Prizren, the surrounding villages, from the city and district...

Meet The Team

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