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Gjimnaz klasik

“Loyola-Gymnasium” u themelua menjëherë pas luftës në Kosovë, për të përmbushur ëndrrën e shumë brezave, për një arsimim modern, mbështetur në vlerat e qytetërimit evropian. Të mësuarit kreativ, mbështeja e ideve të reja dhe përgatitja e të rinjve për t’u përballur me jetën - mbeten në qendër të punës sonë. Demonstrimi i njohurive të arritura dhe puna kërkimore janë dëshmi e ambientit frymëzues për të gjithë nxënësit, të cilët mbështeten çdoherë nga mësimdhënësit. 


Koncepti ynë

Plani i rregullt mësimor i Kosovës vlen edhe për ne. Por, ne atë e kemi plotësuar në disa pika. Një ndryshim thelbësor është radhitja e gjuhëve. Që nga klasa e gjashtë (6) ligjërojmë dy gjuhë të huaja: gjermanishten dhe latinishten. Nga klasa e tetë (8) kësaj i shtohet edhe gjuha angleze. Për nxënësit që te ne vijnë me njohuri paraprake të gjuhës angleze, ne atyre në klasën e 6 dhe 7 ju ofrojmë kurse, që t’i ruajnë këto njohuri. Nga gjuha gjermane nxënësit tanë mund të fitojnë diplomën e gjuhës gjermane...


The school is now attended by approximately 400 students from grades 1-5, who come from the city of Prizren, the surrounding villages, from the city and district...

Foundational principles of education at the Loyola-Gymnasium

Our teaching methods are optimistic. We educate in a way which gives a positive view of the world and of life, which leads to a full, balanced and integrated development of the individual in society, and which encourages dialogue.

On account of its positive world-view, our educational system considers everything worthy of being used as a source of learning. The pupils should be completely open to all questions and problems and be ready to learn from these - and not only in the mornings during lessons. A simple transfer of knowledge and practical skills is not education; moral values must also be included. For this reason, one of the most important goals of good schooling - just as important as a good basic foundation of learning - is the fostering of the individual personality.

  • We value individual treatment and the care of each individual pupil.

  • We emphasise individual initiative and encourage further life-long learning.

  • We look for inner values, and encourage knowledge, love and acceptance of self.

  • We wish to contribute to a realistic knowledge of the world and its development.

  • We aim for the best, so as to encourage the fullest possible development of all personal gifts and aptitudes.

Moral values are passed on at Loyola-Gymnasium by the carefully chosen teachers and the example which they give to the school in their daily lives, and through the particular subjects which are suited to this. Important aspects of personality development are the acquisition of social skills such as the critical faculty, sensitivity and creativity, and above all respect for others and the ability to form interpersonal relationships.

This is what a boarding school such as the Loyola-Gymnasium Prizren has the particular opportunity to offer: good education and training are facilitated by the close intertwining of life and learning and of lessons and free time. The children can learn and practise good social behaviour, companionship and community-building.

The pupils are educated in this way in groups according to their respective ages, and according to modern views of educational theory. We are convinced that European philosophy is a suitable foundation to build on, so that knowledge leads to full education. Although living and learning in community makes some things easier, no education takes place without hard work. Our school is an educational institute which prepares children for their future, and it demands considerable personal commitment.

Education at the Loyola-Gymnasium combines older tried and tested methods with new challenges. Latin, German and English languages form part of the Loyola-Gymnasium curriculum, but so also does the teaching of modern science. Once skills and knowledge have been acquired, they should not be used selfishly to simply satisfy the needs of the individual concerned, but should be placed at the service of society. Education at the Loyola-Gymnasium is therefore education for society. It is in harmony with the concept of Europe and should stimulate a desire for social justice. This should lead to outstanding service of others and to the taking on of responsible positions in society.

Human beings are individuals with different gifts and possibilities. We cannot therefore impose the same standards on each one as if it were a competition. However, each one of our pupils must try to develop their talents and abilities to their fullest extent. We encourage open-mindedness, competence and enthusiasm not only in our pupils but also in their parents and, naturally, in ourselves. Continual trustful co-operation among parents, teachers, tutors and pupils is a foundation of our educational method. This requires the following:

  • A lively exchange of information and opinions.

  • Willingness to learn on the part of pupils, parents, teachers and tutors.

  • Co-operation among the members of the management team (director, headmaster, head of boarding), the teachers' and tutors' committee, parents' representatives and the pupils.

  • All who are taking part in the educational process must share responsibility for it, and the process must be continually kept under review.

It can be seen that the Loyola-Gymnasium Prizren with its boarding facilities does not wish only to help pupils to achieve a good leaving certificate, but to help them become individuals with European values and goals, "people for others" who will knowledgeably and responsibly participate in constructing the world and society.

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Director's Welcome

Teksti nga Drejtori

Semi-Matura & Matura

At Loyola-Dormitory, a dormitory is more than a place where students sleep at the end of a busy day. Students learn by living with peers from across the country and around the world. Whether through the weekly dorm meetings, lively Family Nights on Tuesday evenings, or daily interaction with peers and adults, boarding students make lifelong friends and learn important life skills in the process. Best of all, some of the most memorable, positive, and fun experiences happen within the dormitories!

Meet The Team

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