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Classical Gymnasium

"Loyola-Gymnasium" was founded immediately after the war in Kosovo, to fulfill the dream of many generations, for a modern education, based on the values of European civilization. Creative learning, supporting new ideas and preparing young people to face life - remain at the heart of our work. Demonstration of achieved knowledge and research work are evidence of an inspiring environment for all students, who are always supported by teachers. 

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Greeting from the Director

"Loyola - Gymnasium" represents the restored hope of the citizens of this world, to use the free space and to raise new generations who will be equipped with knowledge and human values, as the key condition of building a healthy, progressive and modern society.

It is not only the wonderful environment of our campus, the classrooms, cabinets and modern laboratories, but it is also the special spirit of teaching, learning and the goals for the highest results that make our work dynamic and in constant search of new possibilities and opportunities. The preparation for life, the spiritual formation and the high academic successes of our students influence the increase of opportunities in their life paths, therefore we strongly and consistently insist on high expectations on them so that we can create the elite of the future.

The achievements so far are part of the continuous cooperation with the community of parents, institutions, but also with other relevant factors of our society.

Through the Program Curriculum of the Republic of Kosovo and our standards created over the years, we carefully follow the commitment to the inclusiveness of students, taking into account their individual abilities, skills and affinities.

We aim to be a school for life, to find the necessary solutions during a complex thinking process, to triumph over the challenges, and to be happy with the successes we have achieved.

We are committed to achieving our goals so we intertwine programmatic and interdisciplinary content to increase not only the interest of students in high academic results, but also to increase the sensitivity and responsibility of meeting our society’s needs, but also the ones in global level. The friendly environment, the spirit of cooperation and the help we give each other in every situation and in every difficulty, are our goal, because in this big world changes cannot be done alone.

We are determined in our demands for modern education and training through the implementation of the Curriculum, integrating in it the best experiences of other advanced countries, especially the German education system, and through multiple cooperation with various educational institutions.  

The idea of ​​intertwining spirituality with concrete action is something of a cult in our culture. Moreover, Albanian writing also begins with a spiritual formula and continues with translations from holy books, and it conveys the message of love for humans and human enlightenment through knowledge.

In "Loyola - Gymnasium" campus we welcome young boys and girls with great pleasure and try to make their joy and happiness an important part of the entire process of learning and preparing for the future. Children’s personal development, the promotion and support of their personal skills, through professional and pedagogical support remain not only our daily tasks, but also a reason for satisfaction for the achievements that make us all happy.

We welcome you to "Loyola - Gymnasium"! You can personally witness the high values ​​and commitment in the process of learning and preparations for overcoming future challenges!

Good luck and success to everyone!



Principal of "Loyola - Gymnasium"

"Loyola - Gymnasium" – a restored hope in the spiritual and academic preparation of the new generation

Determined to fulfil our mission, through the selection of staff and students with high criteria, we continue to maintain high professional standards in quality teaching.

In our campus, we offer calm and inspiring environments that encourage critical thinking, using the innovations of digital technology, so that our students can find satisfactory solutions to problems and are able to face the challenges that may arise in their life.

We offer equal opportunities to all students, from grade 6-12, for quality learning and healthy emotional development. All this is done without prejudices and differences that inhibit creativity and open-mindedness, but respecting each child’s cultural, social, religious diversity and individuality,

Today, we think about the future, so that tomorrow finds us prepared!


Meet Our Teachers

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