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Vocational Center

In order to continue the development of young people and to support graduates for their future and the needs of the labor market, Loyola-Profesionale offers a dual vocational education and training in the profile "Operator of Industrial Robots" in Mechatronics as a certification qualification and at the same time specialized courses.

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Director’s Welcome

Dear candidates and enterprisers,


Welcome to Loyola-Profesionale, a center for vocational education and training.


The project to open a center started as an idea since three years ago and it took a long journey to realize this project, nevertheless I am more than happy to welcome you in our center that gives you a perspective for your future in the labour market and more important that will give you competences and practical knowledge in your vocation that you have chosen.


In Loyola-Profesionale, we introduce a new way of thinking when it comes to your future carrier. We believe that the industry and the education should be linked closely together here with the candidates, in order to have a mutual understanding of what relevant knowledge we need to teach in theory as in practice our candidates and what should the industry expect from the candidates that will finish the training in our center. With this center we change a way of thinking also towards the industry by making them a key factor unto building the candidate’s knowledge when the industry takes part in the training of the candidates in their own facilities apart from the training that the candidates is taking from our center. This chain, between our center, the company and the candidate creates a bond that will be unbreakable because it will strengthen the industry by having a qualified work force, the candidate by having a secure job placement, and the center to have adequate degrees pursuant to the requirements of the industry or the labour market.


You are the link to building this chain, and I am here to secure that this chain continues and builds stronger as is the only way for us as community to build stronger and more prosperous.



MSc. Bashkim Rrezja

Loyola-Profesionale Building and Equipment

On the first floor there is sufficient space for the mechanical, electrical and control engineering workshop area. The first floor offers space for offices as well as training and meeting rooms. On the upper floor, external participants can be accommodated in a boarding school. Catering for the trainees could be provided by the cafeteria of the high school.

Collaboration from the Beginning

The best lessons are successful, only when they promote qualifications that meet the requirements of business and industry. Therefore, all the contents and goals of VET centers must meet a crucial criteria: they need to meet the needs of the labor market. To do this, they must be developed in collaboration with all relevant actors in the industry.

Existing university programs (Level 6 NQF) do not fill this gap for companies as well as train practical skills in most modern equipment. Therefore, in addition to theory classes, we will offer our state-of-the-art workshop, in which we can train not only mechatronics technicians, but also have courses in industrial electrics; mechanics; and IT programming - according to the requirements of the Kosovar labor market.

To develop a dual training vocational education we need the industry as a partner, in order to secure the labour market needs and to develop the training in accordance with the quality that the industry needs.

Operator of Industrial Robots - Mechatronics

We offer a two-year qualification as an Operator of Industrial Robots - Mechatronics, which is oriented towards German standards and at the same time is fully accredited and licensed by all competent authorities of Kosovo. A company wishing to participate in this training project enters into a contract with ALG and pays a training fee for ALG. Meanwhile the company decides on one or several candidates and enters into another contract with them.

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We also offer short-term courses that vary in the time period from the choice of the course for which the candidate is interested.


Courses on:


  • Pneumatics and hydraulics

  • Mechanical technology

  • Assembly and maintenance technique

  • Basics of electrical engineering

  • At Basics of electronics

  • Basics of automation

  • Basics of robotics

  • Sensors and actuators

  • Auto Computer drawing Auto CAD

  • Digital electronics

  • PLC programmable logic controllers

Meet Loyola-Profesionale through this video

Do you want dual vocational education and training ?!

Meet The Team

Bashkim Rrezja.JPG

Bashkim Rrezja

Director of the Center


Jeton Morina

Jeton Morina

Quality Coordinator and Informatics Engineer

Hajredin Mujaj

Hajredin Mujaj

Mechanical Engineer

Samir Sahiti

Samir Sahiti

Electrical Engineer

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