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Leaving school, what then?

Education at "Loyola-Gymnasium" is a unique opportunity to determine one's life and professional path. Upon completion of schooling with us, everything depends on individual preferences.

Throughout all stages of personal and professional development, "Loyola-Gymnasium" provides students with all resources through counseling, lectures, workshops, study visits, exchanges, and collaborations with various institutions abroad.

Clear goal-setting for life and proper professional orientation are crucial, as well as the identification of individual abilities, through which we will be stronger, more determined, and clearly focused on what we want to achieve in life.

Student Life
Inside the country

The profile of our school offers comprehensive preparation for all types of study programs at universities.

In-depth scientific, linguistic, technological, and artistic knowledge creates a broad horizon of possibilities that can be easily incorporated into academic programs.

The determination of the field of study should be based on individual preferences, proven skills, and equal opportunities for everyone.


The high language proficiency in German and English makes applying to universities abroad a realistic opportunity, not an unattainable dream.

In the application and competition process at European universities, our students have equal opportunities with their peers.

Through the German language diploma, students are considered worthy competitors in German-speaking countries, especially in Germany.

Partnership with some German universities provides "Loyola-Gymnasium" with a certain number of study slots and language courses, depending on the offered profiles and the students' preferences.

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Students on Stairs
Dual Vocational Training

Dual vocational training in Germany and the training in this field provide an opportunity to enhance professional skills and prepare for the practical application of knowledge, creativity, and acquired skills.

Collaboration with renowned German companies, through a direct selection process by their representatives at our school, is a unique and interesting opportunity to explore various job market sectors.

After graduation, you can continue your professional career, further your studies, or apply your knowledge and training in practice and in the workplace.

Individual Initiatives

After graduating from "Loyola-Gymnasium," in addition to starting their studies, students can begin a research career, pursue their passion, and make a practical contribution through:

  • Volunteer work;

  • Personal entrepreneurial initiatives or in partnership with others;

  • Pursuing specialized training in specific fields, preparing for the start of studies, or professional orientation;

  • Participation in social life, in the field of human rights, raising awareness about deviant phenomena in society, sports, cultural activities, etc.

Students in a Science Class
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