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A unique advantage of the Loyola campus is our boarding school. Children from the whole area of Kosovo as well as those from neighboring countries should have the possibility of attending our school. We give particular attention to encouraging girls.

Living in a community has many advantages, because there you have the opportunity to learn together, build relationships with others and work on the skills of self-reflection in a team. Loyola Boarding School is a great place where students can develop and shape their independence and self-reliance in life within the community. 

Arianit Collaku
Dormitory Director's Welcome

My name is Arianit Çollaku, born and raised in Prizren, I am married and have two children. I graduated from the Faculty of History in Prishtina. I have dedicated my whole life to work and  sport and work. Therefore, the biggest priorities in my life have always been family and work.

  I have been involved in the Loyola project since 2008. First, I worked as an educator in the school dormitory and after five years I was appointed as the Director of Loyola Dormitory.

  My commitment in the dormitory gives me a great satisfaction because educating the students feels not just a job but more of a moral responsibility. I’m always willing to take safe steps towards the future, even if that involves some kind of personal sacrifice. Nevertheless, it is also the support of the educational staff, who are always ready for any kind of cooperation, which makes my job easier.

The most important reason for the success in the dormitory is the parents' trust in us for supporting and educating the students and guiding them in the process of building their personality and educational authority.

  I accept criticism with more pleasure than praise. It always keeps us active and gives us opportunities to improve, different from praise which tends to make us passive.


Arianit Çollaku
Director of the Dormitory

About us!

A unique advantage of Loyola Gymnasium is the possibility of boarding school. We have two separate dormitories, one for girls and one for boys, with a capacity of up to 200 students. The dormitories are arranged and furnished with the necessary inventory for their life in the campus. The distinguishing feature of working in the dormitory is the safety of the students, where they are supported and motivated by the educators all the time.

Living in a community offers a great advantage. Students are given the opportunity to learn how to build relationships with others, how to manage time in good conditions but also in difficulties. Overall, the community is a great place which offers the students a great opportunity to shape their life and future.


Meet The Educators

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