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Loyola-Campus is in principle open to all students who wish to join us in the 01st or 06th or 10th grade.
In order to be admitted to grades 6 and 10, all students (including students transferring from Loyola Elementary School to the 06th grade) must pass an entrance exam in Albanian, English and Mathematics. For those interested, we organize preparatory trainings before the entrance exam. The entrance exams are developed by our teachers based on the Ministry of Education for the fifth and ninth grade.


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Our School

From elementary school to vocational training, we as Loyola Campus stand for a value-based, modern and holistic education in Kosovo!
Our elementary school Loyola Fillore, high school and vocational training center Loyola- Profesionale are state recognized private educational institutions in Prizren...


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Why should you entrust your child to us?

Language Developement

Loyola is a "Partner School of the Federal Republic of Germany". This expresses a special bond...

Our Pedagogy

To this day, we strongly base our pedagogy on Ignatian pedagogy. We thus pursue an optimistic pedagogy. Our education is world- and life-affirming and wants to contribute to the holistic education of the individual in the community, to promote ...


Exchange Oportunities

At the ALG we attach great impor-tance to a lively exchange. This is reflected not only in the daily ex-change among the staff and mana-gers, but also in the exchange projects that we as ALG regularly...


Extra Curricular Activities

- a term that sounds complicated and somehow exhausting. In fact, it's nothing more than a hobby or an activity that you do outside of class. At the ALG, such extracurricular activities are almost part of everyday life. These activities are...



What comes after the school years? This question is asked by all our graduates at the latest when they successfully pass the Matura. Those who complete their schooling at ALG are well equipped for a successful professional future. In principle, all professional doors are open to the students. Through its so-called "Ausbildungsinitiative", ALG offers some talented students an additional opportunity to complete dual vocational training in Germany.

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