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Children need a future

The young people of Kosovo are the land's greatest hope. More than half of the population is under 25, which makes it one of the youngest populations in Europe. This new generation, on whom everything depends, needs to grow up in an atmosphere which is no longer one of separation, division and hate, without prospects. These young people require the chance of developing in a spirit of understanding, esteem and respect, and the possibility of being educated in the European sense. Girls and boys of all ethnic groups and religions should attend school together and learn to live with one another again.

Education is the basis for development, the key to the future.

Jean Monnet (1888 - 1979), a major figure in providing the inspiration for and designer of a united Europe, once said: "If I had to begin all over again to build up Europe, I would put less emphasis on the economy and more on culture and education." As a democratic European land in the Islamic world, Kosovo can expect a particular commitment from Europe.  


In other words

Children are the most valuable good of a society. They need a future, they are the future! To enable them that a bright future can be accomplished is our task.


A simple realization

which is unfortunately not always being taken into account. Often enough children have to grow up under conditions which remain far behind the possibilities of a particular society. There is often a notable imbalance in the treatment of girl of boys.


The Loyola-Gymnasium in Prizren

is reacting to that challenge. There, education is not understood as a pure transfer of knowledge, but it is decidedly the communication of those values that characterize the European culture. In that sense education is the requirement to improve the chances for the future of the Kosovarian youth in Europe which is growing together closer and closer. A particular attention is directed to the support of girls in this crisis-torn, predominantly Muslim country. The ordinary secondary school levels I and II in Kosovo are combined at the Loyola-Gymnasium. The pupils attend this grammar school as early as from 6th grade on. The valid Kosovarian curriculum is already complemented with five hours of German and Latin courses in each subject as from 6th grade. In German the "German Language Diploma" can be acquired, and in Latin the level of “Kleines Latinum” should be reached. English is added as another foreign language from 8th grade on. To make this offer of education available for the whole of Kosovo there are in addition to the gymnasium two separate boarding facilities for girls and for boys.


Teachers and tutors

are partners of the parents and friends of the pupils. They are selected very carefully in personal interviews. Essential criteria for the selection are their human qualities and their teaching abilities and methods. Continuing professional education and development is mandatory for all our employees.

Our progressively increasing staff members are working together closely as a team to put into effect both: the Kosovarian curriculum with the above mentioned extensions, as well as our own foundational principles of education: "… Men and women for others! … The constant interaction of experience, reflection and action in the dynamic of teaching and learning … ".


The Loyola-Gymnasium

is growing continuously. On 16th April 2005 the foundation stone of the school was laid. Only five months later parts of the school and the boarding facilities were put into operation for two grades. Classes began for 184 pupils, and 50 children moved into the boarding facilities. In the school year 2008/09 the number of pupils grew to 561 from which 153 were boarders. In the school year 2009/10 there will be approximately 720 pupils from which about 350 to 400 will live in the boarding facilities. With this number of children the capacity limits of the school and the boarding facilities will be reached.


The support society
Freunde und Förderer der Asociation "Loyola-Gymnasium" e.V.

was founded to support the Asociation "Loyola-Gymnasium". In addition to that it should facilitate and support the school exchange of pupils of the Loyola-Gymnasium from and into Kosovo.

Gründungsmitgleider am 22. März 2007 (von links nach rechts): Jürgen Schwarzbach, Michael Werhahn-Röttgen, Dirk Baldus, Dirk Komitsch, Mentor Ukimeri, Dr. Michael Heßeling, Dr. Frank Röschinger, Erich Merz, Dr. Reinhold Festge, Rainald Gehringhoff (beratender Rechtsanwalt), Michael Spangemacher.


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The statute of the society - Freunde und Förderer der Asociation "Loyola-Gymnasium" e. V.


11th meeting of members at the 16th of November 2019 in Oelde.


First meeting of members at the 5th of September 2009 in Beckum.

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