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Donors and companions

Without Renovabis who, in 2003, commissioned the feasibility study and then, together with the Jesuits of the German Province, decided to bring this project to life, there would be today no new grammar school with boarding facilities in Prizren.

Neither would the running of the school be possible without Renovabis, the members of the association of sponsors or our other partners.

In the last two years we have found many friends and sponsors. We would like to thank them all very much indeed. Naturally we hope that they will go on helping us in the future, as the children of Kosovo will depend on this help for some years to come.


Support society

The support society was founded in March 2007 ...


Our project does not exist on financial contributions alone. We also need ...


You will find here an alphabetical list of all those who have contributed to the ...

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Support Society

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