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Our project does not exist on financial contributions alone. We also need practical help, expert advice and assistance, and discussion with friends. Suggestions and critical comments are equally important and we take them seriously.

We would like to introduce some of our companions to you. The names which follow are not in any particular order and, as you know, such a list can never be a complete one.


F. Eugen Hillengass SJ

Project promotion leader - German Province of the Society of Jesus
Helps tirelessly with virtually everything, above all with fundraising.

Prof. Dr. Karl Schneider

Teacher Training College Ludwigsburg
Prepared an expert assessment on our project.

Dr. Erich Rabitsch

German language consultant for the Balkans in the German Government Department of Administration (right) talking to Professor Karl Schneider (left).

F. Peter Leutenstorfer SJ

A former Latin teacher in St Blasien's College who now trains our Latin teachers.

Dr. Winfried Adler

Led the second workshop for our teachers on teaching methods and principles of teaching.

Hubertus Plenk

Led the second workshop on teaching methods and principles of teaching; also led our Mr Schwarzbach, sometimes on all fours, through Bistrizatal.

B. Karl-Hein Lang SJ

Organised all the cleaning before our official opening ceremony and in January 2006 , together with our cook, he got the refectory kitchen up and running.

Margit Herrmann & Erhan Tan

Kolping Kosovo
Both of them advise us and we would not do without.

Florian Baubin,
Bernd Bornhauser,
Dorian Schmid,
Christian Staudt,

accompanied Fr, Happel and his school project right from the beginning to the opening in September 2005. They created a documentary “Prizren, Transit Road”, which, having a look at the backgrounds of the Kosovo conflict as well, contributes to an understanding of the Situation and gives an empathic report about the project and its origins.




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