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16.09.2015 - ALG News 06/2015

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Meeting with the former students

Despite the fact that it was a free weekend it was lively at school. More than 120 former students of all generations had come for a meeting in which they were proposed a self-orgsnisation of the former students. The interest was great, exhange very lively, and the readiness encouraging about the fture arrangementsd. Prof Neki Jahaj has to be thanked for the idea and effort preparing the meeting as well as Donjeta Meta and Veton Guraziu from the last School Parliament.


DSD Diploma (German Language Dioloma)

As soon as the school year has started first certificates for the successful work were delivered. Deputy ambassador of the German Embassy, mrs.Gehlsen, came personally to Prizren to deliver language diplomas to about 120 students of Loyola-Gymnasium and a group of students from Gymnassium Eqrem Çabej in Prishtina. In a free hour were certified students who in the 9th grade or higher grade, last year, passed the language examination organised by the Conference of the Ministry of Culture. Their teachers have also the right to be happy with them.


The beginning of the new school year

And the time came.On Sunday, 30th August, a sunny day, dormitory students arrived. They filled the place with life again. They wormly greeted one another and educators. Tension and insecure passed with a tume. Beautiful weather was another motivation for them to participate in sports games in the evenings. Next Mondey was the first day of school and as well the first day of the primary school pupils. 44 "Loyolinos", boys and girls, some of them full of emotions, some hesitant. In this way they experienced their fist lessons in the classroom - together with their teachers Doruntina Vokshi and sister Afërdita Kaqinari. We want to cordially welcome once again our new colleagues and wish them success and happiness in their work.A lot of good experience and a good time had they with the parents during the first weeks. This was observed in the first meeting. For sixth grade and new tenth grade students it was the first day in ?Loyola-Gymnasium?, s special day. Class teachers called their names and then led to their classrooms. We wish all the students and cooperators an interesting and successful school year Like every time, this time as well, the number of applicants for the admission examination was much higher than we can afford. We are happy about this interest. We understand this as an encouragement for a good teaching and education for our children and our teenagers. This school year began with 838 students, 117 of them in the dormitories and 128 in the primary school.



Unfortunately the economic situation do not enable many parents in Kosovo to cope with the expenses of our fees. But this fact could not be the burden for children and youngsters. Scholarship commitee has carfully checked the applications and within the ability conditions granted scholarships of different levels in a total value of 58 000 EUR. We are grateful to sll donators for Your support and for the trust you have in our work.


Preparations for the new school year

The first official organisation of the new school year was the meeting with the parents of new admited dormiory boys and girls. 41 boys and girls and their parents had many questions which were answered by the dormitory director Arianit Çollaku together with two educators. Teacher and Educators gathered a week before the beginning of the school, for one day conference. During the day they gathered in different small groups to discuss about different viewpoints, about issues which have to do with the present situation and the future develëopements in Loyola-Gymnasium. This was of great assistance for the new Principal, F. Bodefeld SJ, to understand the challenges of the new job. In a relaxing and open atmosphere all colleaguesd were engaged, so that a number of topics that appeared will be discussed during the coming conferences. The other afternoon the educators gathered for their conference. Here we are talking about very concrete questions, because during the summer some changes in the dormitories have been done, Now all dormitory groups work in study rooms which have been supplied wih computers and internet connection. This is why some rules which had to be imposed and have to do with some convertion in cleaning., A lot of intensification of cleaning service not only has to lead to the fact that students feel comfortable in their surroundings, but also to avoid damages.


Political situation

At the beginning of the summer holidays we were surprised by the information that the Auditorium Office in the Government of Kosovo wanted to stop the support which they had made through the retroactive payment of salaries of the teachers.This support is a part of the memorandum of understanding which was signed when our school was set up. According to the official authorities the profit by these means was not a general benefitl. Fortunately we had the opportunity to give an interview in the press to clarify unrounded acusation. At the beginning of the summer holidays many senior students came to school worried about visas, having in mind the beginning of their studies in Germany. As a matter of fact this year many students were late for many weeks with the studies,. We are grateful to all cooperating companoies which had consideration in such a difficult situation. Not any of them had canceled the contracts although in some cases there was not any decision about visas apart from the fact that we are in the middle of September. F. Bodefeld, after many talks with the people in charge about this issure, drew attention about this problem in the embassy. Since facing the problem of illegal immigration a legal way to the Western Europe has to be found. German Embassy in Prishtina. Seems to be very busy with the visa applications which exceed the capacity of the embassy personel. All the responsible people, and the ambassador herself have asured us about the special treatment of the applications of Loyola-Gymnasium. We are very grateful for this friendly support, we alre also happy about the cooperation with responsible people who had a consideration in this difficult situation.


Modifications during the holidays

Not all the workers had the opportunity to experience all the summer holidays, because we used the time to do some modifications and different renovatioins. Teachers' room has been connected with the former computer room which were close to each other, so now we have a big teachers? room more spacious and with better conditions for conferences. The key sistem which was used and installed ten years ago was a donation and it was obvious that they were last damages. Conception and instqllment of a new device was unavoidable. This job was made by mr.Schwarzbah and mr. Grim (a friend of our school from Bavaria), and mr. Boedefeld SJ to spend more than a week in each classroom, where some surprises were discovered. We especially thank mrs. Sofie Winkhaus whe made some deductions in price.


30.06.2015 - State matura

This year 120 of our students took part in the state Matura exams. They gained an average result for Loyola of 80, 35 % while the country?s average result being 54 %. Congratulation to all students and teachers for this very successful fruit of hard work!


30.06.2015 - Farewell

Liebe Freunde des Loyola-Gymnasiums, nach fast zwölf Jahren in Kosovo und nach zehn Jahren Loyola-Gymnasium darf ich mich von Ihnen verabschieden. Nein, ich gehe nicht mit einem lachendem und einem weinenden Auge. Ich gehe mit zwei weinenden Augen, weil mir der Abschied sehr schwer fällt. Aber es ist jetzt eine gute Zeit zu gehen, denn ein deutscher Mitbruder, P. Bödefeld, hat sich gerne bereit gefunden mich abzulösen und sich für das Loyola-Gymnasium und am Loyola-Gymnasium zu engagieren. Ich bin ihm dafür schon jetzt sehr dankbar. Danken möchte ich auch Ihnen allen, die Sie das Loyola-Gymnasium über die Jahre begleitet haben. Bleiben Sie meinem Nachfolger, was Sie mir immer waren, Ermutigung, Inspiration und Hilfe. Mein Dank gilt natürlich auch allen Mitarbeitern, die über die Jahre fleißig gearbeitet, sich für die Schule engagiert, mich unterstützt und ertragen haben. Ebenso danke ich den Schülern, die mir und uns allen immer Mittelpunkt allen Bemühens waren für so manches Lächeln, so manchen frohen Gruß und vor allem für ihre schulische Mitarbeit und ihr außerschulisches Engagement. Sie alle, die Sie zum Gelingen des Unternehmens Loyola-Gymnasium beigetragen haben werde ich vermissen. Verzeihen Sie, wenn von mir Fehler gemacht wurden oder wenn ich Ihnen gar Unrecht getan oder Sie verletzt habe. Mit Vorsatz ist das sicher nicht geschehen. Bleiben wir einander verbunden, Gott segne Sie alle und unser Loyola-Gymnasium. Ich wünsche Ihnen allen erholsame Ferien und bleibe in anhaltend dankbarer Verbundenheit mit den besten Grüßen aus Prizren Ihr W. Happel SJ


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School holidays


20.11.2015 - 16:30

Professional Training Initiative - Individual interviews & applications


19.11.2015 - 16:30

Professional Training Initiative - Individual interviews & applications


18.11.2015 - 18:00

Professional Training Initiative - Information evening for students and parents


18.11.2015 - 15:00

Meeting of the registered society of representatives


08.10.2015 - 15.10.2015

Students exchange - Gymnasium Blankenese visits LG in Prizren



First day of school - 2015/16



Arrival of boarders


27.06.2015 - 30.08.2015

Summer holidays


ab - nga - from 24.08.2015 - 08:00 - 13:00

Administration open


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