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27.01.2017 - ALG News 01/2017

The current ALG News are just released! Curious? Read and see for yourself.


16.01.2017 - New Albanian teacher

We would like to welcome Ms. Venera Gegollaj Hasanaj as a new teacher at Loyola Gymnasium and wish to her lot of enjoyment and success in her new assignment. She takes over the position of Dr. Xhafer Beqiraj who decided to leave our school.


03. - 07.01.2017 - Engagement during holidays

Snow and ice weather couldn?t prevent our school and boarding to fill with life even during the holidays. Eleven young persons from Tranzit neighborhood and Loyola voluntarily took part together in a training course for group leaders in order to better prepare themselves for the upcoming engagement with children from Tranzit. Our volunteer Patricia with her kitchen team took care about food, whereas her colleague Eva together with the young Jesuit Tomislav Vujeva and Moritz Kuhlmann drafted a program with lot of impulses leading to own reflection and joint exchange. We would like to express our gratitude to the whole group who was delighted and also thankful for the time they spent together during holidays.



We wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends and benefactors!


23.12.2016 - Sport for the New Year Celebration

On the occasion of the New Year's celebration, the students? council for sport organized a football tournament for boys, in which classes XI c and XII a got up to the final. The nice game resulted with the victory of the class XII a team. Prior to the final game, a friendly game between the sixth graders of the Gymnasium and the oldest students of the elementary school, meaning the ongoing fourth grade took place as well. Despite of the obvious age difference, it was a fair and exciting game, whereby it was all about joy and fun rather than winning the game.


23.12.2016 -A Christmas present?

On the last day of the school-year, the Cabinet of the Government of Kosovo issued official the decision in writing that the Loyola-Gymnasium should continue to receive financial support. The cabinet authorized the Ministry of Education to carry out the concrete implementation. However, the German Foreign Ministry is rather skeptical that the desired international agreement on this issue is possible. That is why P. Bödefeld went also personally in Berlin. Our school management and the German Embassy with whom we are already in close cooperation regarding the German Abitur, have been discussing how to proceed further in this issue. The first proposal of the Ministry of Education for an agreement contains so many restrictions and conditions for our school that we, even with the best will, are not able to fulfill all of them. Hence, the situation remains difficult.


23.12.2016 - We did it: finally the holidays start

For the sake of having a quieter and more attentive atmosphere, whenever gathering of the whole school community was required, we gathered together in the school hall not during the last hour but during the third hour of the morning lessons. The program for the last day of school before Christmas and New Year, which for the musical part was mainly prepared by Prof. Ana Spaqi, presented as a highlight the first appearance of the new musical course of grade 11. The performance in the already festively decorated school hall triggered great admiration and spread anticipation about the holidays and vacation. Many thanks to all who have made this celebration possible, through their commitment on the stage and behind it ? but also through lot of rehearsal work. At the end of the event, the school director, together with the presidents of both students and boarding parliaments congratulated to the school community and expressed best wishes for the winter holidays, not knowing that the holidays are going to be three weeks long. After the sixth hours, all the colleagues were invited to a joint lunch, where they all said good-bye to each other until the reunion in the New Year.


22.12.2016 - End of the year program at elementary school

Our elementary school in the new building is still without a school hall. However we expect this situation to change soon; we are hoping so much to get the construction permit for the nearby second building soon in order to start with the construction works. In the meantime, children and their families were invited for the farewell party in the school hall of the Gymnasium. Since so many of them came for the event, the pre-arranged chairs were not sufficient to accommodate all of them. Hence P. Bödefeld used the opportunity to underline once again that there is only one Loyola school which operates in two locations. However, students and teachers belong together to a single school community ? added m. Lindita Spaqi - director if the elementary school. A colorful program of songs, dances and sketches showed already that the higher number of music lessons per week have been productive. Once again, thank you for all the efforts provided and needed for a celebration of this kind.


21.12.2016 - End of the year program at boarding

Each year before leaving the boarding school, the boarding community celebrates winter holidays, Christmas and New Year by organizing different events. The festive atmosphere, the noticeable relief about the start of the holidays, as well as many beautiful and original performances, offered to the guests a wonderful evening, which ended with pastries and beverages. Thanks a lot to all persons who have taken care about the thorough preparation and the organization of the evening.


18.12.2016 - Menschwerdung im Transitbereich

Liebe Freundinnen. Liebe Begleiter. Es gibt eine Geschichte aus Prizren, die wir Euch erzählen möchten. Fabiola Sie war unter den ersten Schülern, die mit nach Tranzit kamen. Dass dort einmal alle lesen und schreiben können ist ihr Herzenswunsch. Sie kennt die Zeit des Anfangs, als wir uns draußen auf einem Teppich versammelten. Seither ist viel passiert. Sie war es, die unseren Raum für unsere Kinder eröffnete. Das Photo hält das Staunen fest. Wie gebannt alle auf den Schlüssel schauen! Selbst hinter der Säule lukt noch jemand hervor. ....


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Arrival of boarders


24.06.2017 - 03.09.2017

Summer holidays


Loyola-Gymnasium - School holidays


Primary school - School holidays


26.08.2017 - 09:00 - 12:00

Entrance examination for students class VI and X


17.06.2017 - 09:00 - 12:00

Entrance examination for students class VI


17.06.2017 - 13:00 - 17:00

Entrance examination for students class X


01.02.2017 - 09.06.2017

Applications for the academic year 2017/18


10.06.2017 - 12:30 - 17:30

Preparation courses - class VI and X


03.06.2017 - 12:30 - 17:30

Preparation courses - class VI and X


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