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18.03.2016 - ALG News 02/2016

The current ALG News are just released! Curious? Read and see for yourself.


18. March 2016 - Students from Eichstätt

A group of students from the 'Tourism - Geography' department of the University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Bavaria visited us as part of their excursion in the Balkans, because they had heard about Loyola-Gymnasium. During an interesting conversation with the students, they were asked questions about studying in Germany, as well as tourism development opportunities in Kosovo.


15. March 2016 - International Language Camp

Once P. Bödefeld returned from various meetings with potential supporters and friends of Loyola Gymnasium in Austria and Germany, including a meeting with the Executive Board of our support society in Oelde, we had another visit from Dr. Boris Menrath, Head of Regional Office of the South-East of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad. Among others this time he had the idea of organizing an International Language Camp in Loyola Gymnasium this Autumn with young people from France, Serbia and Kosovo.


9. März 2016 - Written Exam - DSD

140 students underwent the written exam for German Language Diploma (DSD) level A2 / B1 this morning. A whole week followed by oral individual testing meant an enormous commitment of the whole college, some as examiners and others as substitutes for the colleagues of the German department, in order to maintain the regular functioning of teaching. Thank you all for the additional work for our school profile. Until the announcement of the results in a few weeks, after the correction in Germany, together with the students we hope in the best possible results.


8. March 2016 - International Women's Day

With the initiative of the School Parliament and its president, Leila Arapi, after the long break, in honour of the International Women?s Day, all the tenth and eleventh graders gathered in the Aula. There the students Festa Berisha XI a, Bleta Berisha XI a, Uresa Ahmeti X e dhe Erza Haxhi-Jakupi XI c with the help of some other students presented an interesting awareness program to draw attention to the discrimination and violence against women. The impressed audience watched the program and the courage and commitment of these girls attentively. Many teachers and the school management expressed their respect and gratitude for this initiative.


7. March 2016 - Teacher's Day

To celebrate the Teachers? Day the Principal invited all the teachers for a lunch together.


7. March 2016 - "UNË & DU"

On this day the school newspaper "Unë & Du", which had been expected for quite some time, was published. The wide range and quality of the articles showed that the wait was worth it. Congratulations to all those involved in the work of this publication!


3. March 2016 - Successful Habilitation

Our Albanian language teacher, Prof. Xhafer Beqiraj, successfully defended his doctoral thesis 'Adjectival Syntagma in Albanian Language', which was presented at the Faculty of Philology, University of Tirana. We cordially congratulate Dr. Beqiraj and are proud of this academic achievement, from which also our students will benefit.


27. February 2016 - Professional orientation - 4

At the end of our orientation program for our graduates, many former students of Loyola came on Saturday in order to provide first-hand information, advice and experiences from different universities and colleges. Unfortunately the presence of our students was a bit reserved, but those who came received important information and instructions regarding the selection of their studies. Meanwhile, our former students used the opportunity of the meeting to speak to each other about their cooperation in the future, as Loyola Alumni. Ms. Leonora Lyta was elected as the first representative of former students, alongside with many former students of different generations who will support. We are pleased with this development and look forward to even closer cooperation between the school and Alumni. We also thank Prof. Neki Jahaj, who initiated, conveyed and is supporting this initiative.


Spring 2016 - Trainees

Three internships are enriching currently the life and work in our school and dormitory: Jehona Kicaj, who has just completed her bachelor?s degree at the University of Hannover, is for six weeks with us, and is gathering experiences in our school concerning her field of 'German as a foreign language?. Arbesa Hoxha and Blerta Mark are two students from the Department of Social Work/Social Pedagogy of the University of Prishtina, who will cooperate with the dormitory for three months. Warm welcome and success!


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07.10.2016 - 14.10.2016

Students exchange - Gymnasium Blankenese visits LG in Prizren


School holidays



Arrival of boarders


01.07.2016 - 28.08.2016

Summer holidays


20.08.2016 - 09:00 - 12:00

Entrance examination for students class VI and X


School holidays


18.06.2016 - 25.06.2016

Students exchange - LG Prizren ne vizitoni FLG in Gemünden


18.06.2016 - 09:00 - 12:00

Entrance examination for students class VI and X



State Matura - Part 2



State Matura - Part 1


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